• The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Trump administration Trump administration on an expedited removal case.?On June 25,?the Supreme Court ruledthat limited judicial scrutiny of the policy of expedited removal is constitutional. The Court further wrote that recent migrants who do not have ?established connections? have fewer constitutional protections against deportation, and therefore do not have a right to judicial review in cases of expedited removal. The vote was 7-2 and Justices Soto mayor and Kagan dissented. The ruling has wide implications for both immigrants and asylum seekers who may enter the U.S. outside a port of entry.
  • A federal judge ordered the release of children at three family detention centers.?On June 26, a federal judge in California?ordered ICE to release childrenin three detention centers by July 17. This order is in response to the spread of corona virus spread in ICE detention centers as well as an insufficient response by ICE to maintain safety measures. The children must either be released with their parents or with a guardian with the consent of the parents. As of Saturday, ICE was reviewing the order.
  • Texas lawyers are attempting to get detainees released amid a COVID-19 surge.?In Houston, the corona virus has made another surge and hospital ICU beds are at maximum capacity. In response to the crisis and its effect on ICE detention centers, immigration lawyers and nonprofits are attempting to free several men from ICE detention in Houston.All four men listed on the petition are asylum seekers and would not be in detention if not for Trump administration policies
  • Seven people died in a car crash during a Border Patrol car chase.?On June 25,?seven people were killed and three were injured during a car chase with Border Patrolin Texas. Border Patrol was attempting to stop the car for a ?failure to yield? violation. All crash victims were in the car Border Patrol was chasing, but more information on their names and ages has not been published.
  • The Mexican president defended his upcoming visit with President Trump on economic terms.?Mexican President Lopez Obrador?will soon visit Washington, D.C.to attempt to secure a new trade deal. This is a risky move, as this will be Lopez Obrador?s first foreign visit since he took office, and Trump is largely unpopular in Mexico. However, the Mexican president defended the visit, saying it was needed for economic reasons and to keep Mexico?s ?relationship of friendship? with the U.S

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