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    K-1 Visa Service

    Our team have assisted hundreds of US Citizens and their fiance’s K-1 to unite in the United States for the purpose of marriage.

    IR-1/CR-1 Visa

    Our team have assisted hundreds of spouses (IR1 or CR1), children (IR2 or CR2), and parents (IR5) to immigrate into the United States.

    Waiver I-601

    We have represented many visa applicants who have been denied and successfully obtained an immigration waiver for them.

    E-2 Visa

    An E-2 Investment visa is available for foreign nationals who would like to invest and move their family to the United States.

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    Licensed U.S. Attorneys

    Honest and Client-Centered

    Virasin and Partners is an international law firm with offices in Bangkok, Chiangmai, and Houston, Texas. We have licensed U.S. attorneys who provide advisory and legal assistance in a wide variety of U.S. Immigration Matters. Everyone in our staff is fluent in English. Our pragmatic, friendly, and honest attorneys and representatives attempt to locate creative solutions for our clients. We focus on what is in the best interest of our clients and do not pressure our clients with unnecessary legal procedures. Our goal is to develop a long term relationship with our clients. Attorney and staff work as a team to ensure that clients are kept up to date on their case and that questions will be answered within a reasonable time frame.

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    Separated families to reunite in the US

    Separated families to reunite in the U.S. On Monday, DHS Secretary Mayorkas announced that a handful of migrant families that were separated at the border by the Trump administration will be allowed to reunify in the U.S. this week. The four families will be the first to be reunified through a task force that wasContinue reading

    Secretary of Labor urges overhaul

    Secretary of Labor urges immigration overhaul. Late last week, Labor Secretary Marty Walsh virtually joined the “We Are Home” campaign, advocates, and immigrant workers to urge Congress to act on creating a pathway to citizenship for workers in the U.S. Walsh also urged for changes of the H-2A guest worker program. Sec. Walsh said heContinue reading

    India to list of countries travel ban

    Biden adds India to list of countries subject to COVID-19 travel ban Beginning May 4 all nonimmigrants traveling from India are banned from entering the U.S., unless they already have a valid visa stamp in their passport and have been outside of India for more than 14 days before traveling to the U.S. This travelContinue reading

    Several border wall projects cancelled

    Several border wall projects cancelled. The Biden administration announced that it canceled border wall projects paid for with funds from Defense accounts. Former President Trump funneled $10 billion from military construction accounts and counter narcotics programs to pay for the wall along the southern border. It is unknown how much money the cancellation of theContinue reading

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    Robert Virasin

    Managing Director/ Licensed U.S. Attorney

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    Vijay Kale

    Of Counsel/ Licensed U.S. Attorney