An appeals court has blocked some policies that would weaken protections against asylum-seekers. On July 17, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld parts of a lower court ruling that blocked the Trump administration from implementing policies that would bar domestic abuse victims and people fleeing gang violence from seeking asylum in the U.S. The case was brought by 12 asylum seekers through the ACLU, who successfully argued that the Trump administration was elevating asylum standards beyond Congress? intentions.

A revised lawsuit is challenging the president?s power to bar entry to the U.S. A class of plaintiffs filed a revised complaint on July 17 which challenges the entirety of President Trump?s June 22 proclamation. The proclamation barred the issuance of most work visas and extended the ban on new green cards as well. The basis of the complaint is that the proclamation is ?contrary to our federal immigration laws? longstanding core principles.? The lawsuit also argues that President Trump?s justification for the proclamation, protecting the economy during a downturn, runs contrary to Congress? actions and intent of maintaining and even expanding the immigration system in previous economic downturns

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