Your Partner in Southeast Asia

Virasin & Partners is your international law firm and consulting company based in Bangkok, Thailand with an affiliated office in Houston, Texas with representative agents in Chiangmai, Thailand and Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.


Everyone has a dream. Whether you are looking to create a small business or invest in Thailand, Virasin and Partners is there to assist you in realizing your goals. We can help you navigate the regulatory requirements in Thailand in forming a company, opening a bank account, and act an intermediary to government agencies. Dealing with the Thai bureaucracy generally is not a checklist event. There are usually additional requirements or personal favors that need to be provided to ensure that your goals are reached. We are there to guide you and overcome any difficulties you may encounter.


Traveling abroad is an adventure. However, the process of obtaining a visa to allow you to travel abroad can be cumbersome, time consuming, and confusing. Our law firm has experience in handling multiple visa cases. We have licensed U.S. and Thai attorneys who can guide you through the confusing process of applying for a visa. The process can be confusing and you may not have the time to learn the process. Whether you want to travel abroad to visit, work, or immigrate, we may be able to assist you with immigration, business, or travel needs.


Thailand is a beautiful country that has amazing natural beauty and friendly people. But life is sometimes not as simple. We have licensed Thai attorneys who can assist you with legal issues which you may encounter. If you have a dispute or get into legal trouble, we can assist with your individual, family, and business matters. The Thai courts are confusing for locals. It can be an ordeal for those who cannot read or write Thai. Our firm can assisting you in dealing with the stressful side of living in Thailand.


Personalized Attention

Virasin and Partners?understands that each case is different and each client?s situation?and needs are different; thus, a personalized approach is the optimal strategy for the successful?representation of our clients. Our attorneys and staff are fluent in Thai and English to ensure that your personal needs are properly represented.

Professional Experience

Virasin and Partners experienced attorneys have?vast knowledge in all areas of U.S. immigration law, worldwide visas, intellectual property registration, and Thai litigation. We are licensed and can represent you in your legal matter. Our attorneys handles your case personally because we know how important your case is to you.