Vijay Kale

Vijay Kale

Licensed U.S. Immigration Attorney

Vijay Kale is a licensed U.S. Attorney whose practice has focused on U.S. Immigration law for over 15 years. Mr. Kale is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. He has experience is all types of family, business, and employment immigration cases. His office is located in Houston, TX but he has represented clients throughout the world.

Robert Virasin

Robert Virasin

Licensed U.S. Immigration Attorney

Robert Virasin has been a licensed U.S. Attorney since 1998. He has specialized in U.S. Immigration law for over 15 years. While Mr. Virasin?s clients have been from all over the world, most of his clients for U.S. Immigration matters are Thai citizens and their U.S. Citizen family members located both the United States and in Thailand. His office is located in Bangkok, Thailand.

Virasin and Partners is a law firm with professionals experienced in the practice of U.S. Immigration Law. Through our offices in Bangkok, Thailand and Houston, Texas with representatives in Chiangmai, Thailand.

We are staffed with licensed U.S. Immigration attorneys who have decades of experience in handling all aspects of U.S. Immigration law. We can be your partner in handling your U.S. Immigration and Visa needs. Unlike visa consulting services, our licensed U.S. Immigration attorneys can communicate on your behalf with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security?and the U.S. Embassy.

United States Citizens:

We can assist you in bringing your fiancee or family member into the United States. Whether you are here or in Thailand, we are responsive to your questions and needs. We are experienced in handling cases involving traditional relationships and same-sex relationships. We have Thai staff to communicate with your love ones in Thailand and licensed U.S. Immigration Attorneys to keep you updated on the case status. We generally respond to your communication within 24 hours or faster but our goal is to respond within the hour.

Thai Citizens:

If you want to work, travel, or invest in the United States, we can advise you on your options. Our decades of experience with business, family, and investment visas allows us to provide you with the best options for your particular needs. We listen to your needs, assess your abilities and provide options that will allow you to open a business in the United States and for your children to obtain an U.S. Education.


Beware of advertised U.S. Immigration Law Firms in Thailand that do not have licensed U.S. Attorneys. They make false statements that of a money back guarantee and 100% success rate. Reputable law firms do not make these types of guarantees because they understand that there are intangibles that make such assurances impossible. However, our decades of experience and the ability to network with other U.S. Immigration attorneys means that we have an extended knowledge base that allows us to handle most types of issues.

Only U.S. Attorneys are allowed to communicate with the U.S. government and embassy on behalf of immigrant and visa clients. If there are issues with cases, we have the ability to respond directly to U.S. government requests and concerns. In addition, licensed U.S. Attorneys are held to a higher ethical threshold. Unethical behaviors and claims could lead to the loss of their license. Our licenses are precious to us. We would not engage in unethical behavior that would endanger our professional license.

Types of Cases:

K1 Fiance Visa, IR-1 Spouse Visas, Family Visas, Extreme Hardship Waivers, Prositution I-601 Waivers, E-2 Investment Visas, H-1B Specialty Employees, L-1 Intracompany Transfers, EB-5 Investments, B-2 Tourist Visas

Contact Us:

We want to be your partner to help you with your U.S. Immigration requirements. Contact us and we can schedule a phone call, online video chat, or in office meeting to discuss your needs.