Akarit Deemark

Akarit Deemark

Contract Specialists

Mr. Deemark is an experienced contract specialist that has assisted many clients with the review and revision of property contracts and rental agreements. Mr. Deemark is engaging and can assist clients to ensure that their rights are protected under the law. Mr. Deemark is fluent in Thai and English. He will be able to convey your requests to the seller or property owner.

Chatchalai van Asselt

Chatchalai van Asselt

Bangkok Government Liason

Mrs. Chatchalai van Asselt has a B.A. Business Administration from Assumption University in Bangkok and a Masters in Marketing from the University of North London, UK. She is fluent in Thai and English. She acts as a liaison to government office to ensure that due diligence is completed. Her previous employment provided her knowledge in dealing with corporate entities.

Purchasing property in the Thailand can be a difficult experience as a result of complex legal language. For foreigners who want to purchase property in Thailand, the process can like walking through a minefield blindfolded. A misstep can result in the loss of your assets. In the purchase of a property, there are sale agents and sellers who benefit from the sale of a property. The buyer should have someone that is able to communicate and guide them through the process.


The transfer of real property requires the use of real estate sales contracts. The contracts contains the terms and agreements of the sale. The contracts are generally written in Thai then can be translated into English. The Thai contract is binding and will be used in case of any legal disputes. If the buyer cannot read Thai or understand the terms of the agreement, they are at a disadvantage in the sale. In addition, if the buyer does not understand the terms of the contract, they are not able to request modifications to the terms. An attorney can represent the buyer in the process and convey to the buyer any shortcomings in the terms of the agreement.

Due Diligence

The purchase of property in Thailand goes beyond the four corners of the contract. It is important to perform Due Diligence to confirm the material facts of the sale. It is important to complete a title search at the government property office. An independent surveyor should ensure that the deed conforms to the physical property. For buildings or condominium units, it is important to review the land and building permits. And lastly, the credentials of the seller and property developer should be reviewed including their financial background, criminal check, and a check of the court records. For those who do not understand the system or cannot read Thai, this process is very difficult.

Prior to purchasing property in Thailand, contact our firm to represent you in the purchase.