Thai Visa, International Tourist Visas, and U.S. Immigration

Virasin & Partners is an independent law firm that provides a wide range of visa and immigration services for clients in Thailand and abroad. With offices in multiple countries and experienced professionals, we can assist clients obtain long term visas to stay in Thailand or for Thais to go to the United States. Our U.S. Immigration Service is led by two partner U.S. Attorneys who have a combined three decades of experience in helping U.S. Citizens take their love ones to the United States and Thai Citizens move, invest, and work in the United Stations.

U.S. Tourist & School

B-2 Tourist/Family Visitor
B-1 Business Visitor
F-1 M-1 Student Visas
J-1 Exchange Visitor
DACA Deferred Action

US Citizenship & Others

Inadmissibility Waivers
Certificates of Citizenship
Labor Law
Immigration Litigation
Consular Processing