Akarit Deemark

Akarit Deemark

Intellectual Property Of-Counsel

Mr. Deemark is an experienced IP Consultant & Patent Agent. He has a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) (Second Class Honours) and a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Business Law from Chulalongkorn University.

Mr. Deemark worked at a leading international law firm in Bangkok assisting foreign and Thai clients on more than 1,000 cases related to intellectual property matters (e.g. IP registrations, IP searches, etc.) in Thailand and overseas. Currently Mr. Deemark manages the patent practice of Ananda Intellectual Property Ltd., one of Thailand’s top IP firm.

man-814697_640Protection of IP Rights: Registration and Enforcement

There is some confusion in regards to?Intellectual Property Protection in Thailand. Thailand has strong laws that protect intellectual property for individuals. However, as in most situations, holders of intellectual property should be proactive in registering their copyrights, trademarks, and patents. Registration helps to determine the rightful owner of a property in case of disputes.

The penalty for infringing on copyright is twenty to two hundred thousand baht if the copyright occurred for non-commercial purposes.? The penalty increases to imprisonment for a term of six months to four years and fine of up to eight hundred thousand baht if the infringement was done for commercial purposes. If the copyright owner has filed a civil lawsuit, the copyright owner has a right to half of the assessed fine.

At Virasin & Partners, we have an experienced?Intellectual Property Consultant?and?Licensed Patent Agent?to assist our clients to identify and adapt strategy to maximize the protection of intellectual properties in Thailand and around the world. Ensure that your creations are safe by registering your intellectual property. We will analyze your intellectual property and provide you with a balanced overview of registration. Contact us for a consultation.


Our services include trademark searches, registration and prosecution of marks worldwide, recording of changes/assignments, oppositions, cancellations, renewals, registration of trademark and service mark license agreements, and watch services.


Our services include patent and design searches, registration and prosecution of invention patents, petty patents/utility models, and design patents worldwide, recording of changes/assignments, annuity payments, oppositions, cancellations, infringement assessments, freedom-to-operate analyses, validity and invalidity assessments, and registration of patent license agreements and watch services.


We assist our clients to develop effective strategy to safeguard their creative works (e.g. literature, software, films, music, and other types of media) through the recording of copyrights at the Copyright Office and the Department of Intellectual Property.