Family Law

Thailand is a wonderful place where people are friendly and love blossoms. With love and relationships comes marriage, families, and children. In any modern society, there are laws to regulate these aspects of life. The laws are complicated and our firm is here to help you achieve your goals and to protect your interest.


Prior to getting married, it is important to protect your interests. A premarital agreement should be signed outlying the distribution of property in the event of a divorce. The requirements for a premarital agreement requires the following of specific steps and formal legal language in order for it to be enforceable. A misstep will result in an unenforceable agreement and the potential loss of your assets as a result of a divorce.


Thailand has some very specific rules in regards to parenthood and children. In Thailand, being the biological father of a child does not confer any parental rights even if the father is named on the birth certificate. There are only specific circumstances which allowed the father to have parental rights. This becomes a shock to many men who come to Thailand and later find out that they have children. For these fathers, we can help them obtain some legal rights in regards to their children.

At the other end of the spectrum, there are couples who want to adopt a Thai child. The rules are very specific and these types of cases may be difficult. However, you can talk to us and discuss your goals. We will provide you with clear unbiased advice.


While there is love and hope for a marriage to last a lifetime, there is a large percentage of marriages that do not live up to the dreams of a forever marriage. Sometimes there is a mutual agreement that a divorce is required while other times one party is not so certain. Some divorces are friendly and others are contentious. And when there are children involve, the cases can become difficult.

Family law is a complex matter because it combines legal issues with human emotions. We can be there to guide you through the process. Our Thai attorneys are fluent in English and are licensed to represent you. Contact us at for a consultation.