Yutthachai Sangsirisap

Yutthachai Sangsirisap

Attorney at law

Mr. Sangsirisap is a licensed Thai attorney. He graduated with a Masters of Law (Business Law) from Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand and a Bachelor of Law from Assumption University, Bangkok, Thailand. Mr. Sangsirisap is an experienced attorney who has represented clients in family law, labor disputes, and criminal assault cases.

Criminal Law

Thailand is known by visitors as a country where the laws are flexible. Some foreigners come to Thailand and commit acts which they would not do in their home country. They need to be wary of committing such acts. Thailand’s jails are not a welcoming place.

There are some activities which are legal in their own country but is illegal in Thailand such as the use of certain drugs. Other activities are easily located in some of the red light areas but they are still illegal in Thailand such as payment for sexual services. Be wary. It is easy for foreigners to be caught up in a situation where they can be trapped in a coordinated scam.

If you are stopped by the police, explain the situation. If they attempt to arrest you, don?t resist and maintain your composure. Contact your local consulate or embassy when given the opportunity. The consulate cannot get you out of jail but they will inform your family and friends.

The next step is to hire an English speaking Thai attorney to represent you. You will need someone to communicate on your behalf to represent your best interests. It is possible to negotiate an agreement with the police for your release prior to the case goes through the complicated court system.

Virasin & Partners can provide you with an experienced English speaking Thai attorney to represent you while you negotiate through the criminal legal system. Contact our office today for assistance.