The U.S. Embassy Officer has full discretion whether a Thai person will get a visa. The officer will look for reasons for a visa not to be granted. Sometimes the officer will accuse Thai woman of prostitution even if she did not commit prostitution.

If the Thai woman lives in areas where there are red light areas like Pattaya, Phuket, Hat Yai, or Bangkok, they will look for a reason to charge prostitution. If the woman has worked as a bar girl or worked in the massage shop, they will look for prostitution. If the Thai woman has worked overseas in places that are known to import Thai woman for prostitution like Bahrain, Indonesia, or South Korea, the officer will look for prostitution. If you never committed prostitution, it is important to deny that the charge of prostitution.

Whether you have previously been a prostitute or have never been committed prostitution, if the officer denies your visa because of prostitution, you will need an immigration waiver to get the visa.

To get an immigration waiver for prostitution, we need to show that you are no longer committing prostitution, you are a good person, and that you will not commit prostitution in the United States.

I am a licensed U.S. lawyer who has handled many immigration waiver cases. I can help you prepare the immigration waiver so that you can obtain a visa so that you can go to America.

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