Review of Godiva Ice Cream by Tong Chantararatn


This 270 Baht (with free upsize promotion) Godiva soft serve ice cream did not quite meet my expectations. These comments are from my own preferences. Somebody might like it, but from this pricey brand named soft serve, I expected something richer and thicker — it was too light for me. The cone was okey but not that outstanding. For the price that I paid (will get smaller one without the promotion), I would have this soft serve ice cream only on special occasions, not just happen to walk by and pay the price.

I was a big fan of Godiva when I was in the US, but not for this one — I would stick to its truffles. Try it yourself. You might think differently.

By the way, it was Godiva store at the World Trade Center.

7.6Robert Ravee Virasin
Robert Ravee VirasinReviewsout of 14 reviews

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