The Thai government recently passed a law revising Thailand?s laws on begging in public areas. The new law replaces the Beggar Control Act of 1941 which punished gangs and people for trafficking people for begging. Under the new law, those who beg on the streets are required to obtain licenses in order to pander for money. This includes not only women with hungry children but also includes street singers and musicians blocking walking paths.

Those who are found to be in violation of the order can be fined as much as 10,000 baht and/or jailed for up to a month. Traffickers and those who benefit from the begging can be fined for up to 30,000 baht and/or jailed for up to three years. If government officials are a part of the conspiracy, they can be fined up to 50,000 baht and/or jailed for up to five years in prison.


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