Australia is an amazingly country with a multicultural population, beautiful beaches, diverse wildlife, and a cultural indigenous history that dates back more than 50,000 years. It is a place where adventure is everywhere and an endless summer awaits. For most non-waiver countries, foreign nationals would require a visitor visa to enter the country.

What are the requirements to obtain a Visitor Visa for non-waiver nationals?

If you want to visit Australia for vacation, recreation or to visit friends and family, they will need a Visitor Visa. The visa can also be used for other short term non-work purposes of less than three months.

The purpose of the visit must be documented. If you are visiting friends and family, there needs to be an invitation letter, evidence of the relationship, and evidence of the legal status of the inviter in Australia.

If you plan on traveling in Australia, they should submit a detailed itinerary, bookings for accommodations, and evidence of planned activities.

If you are traveling for a specific purpose, you should obtain a letter from the institution with information on the purpose of their visit to Australia and that the stay will be less than three months.

What financial documents are required to obtain a Visitor Visa?

Visitors must submit evidence that they have the ability to support themselves during their short term stay in Australia and also pay to leave Australia at the end of their authorized stay. This includes copies of bank statements over series of time showing a consistent savings balance, copies of documents which show any funds or assets held, and the last three years of tax documents.

There must also be evidence of their current employment situation. For employed individuals, they should submit a letter from their employer staying their position, salary, length of employment, and confirmation of the leave of absence. If the applicant is self-employer, evidence of the operating business should be submitted.

If they applicant is retired, they should evidence of their retirement and support income. For students, they need to submit evidence of their school enrollment. Applicants who are over the age of 75 must provide evidence of overseas health insurance.

If the visitor will be staying with family or friends in Australia, the sponsor should submit a Statutory Declaration stating their support and providing evidence of their ability to provide support. Even if the visitor has a sponsor, it is important for the visitor to provide financial documentation as evidence of their intent to return home.

If the applicant is planning on bringing their dependent family members with them, the family members will have to submit their own visa applications and they the visa fee. The visa fee is non-refundable even if the visa is not granted or withdrawn.

For Thailand, the visa application is submitted at the Australian Visa Application Centre (AVAC) in Bangkok. Once the application has been lodged, it is forwarded to the Australian Embassy to complete processing. The time varies depending on the case workload but generally takes about two weeks.

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